Welcome to Rocky Mountain Yak.  Here we strive to produce quality breeding stock.  Yaks are a fantastic, multipurpose animal that is at the beginning phases of an international boom in their use and production.  Yaks are a Hemylanian buffalo that have magnificent qualities.  They provide two types of fiber, meat, milk, cheese, butter, and can be used as service oxen in logging, farming, pulling wagons or carts, or packing your camping gear on a trek.  They are very smart animals, much smarter than commercial cattle.  A standard four strand barbed-wire fence is all that’s required to keep them in the pasture.

They usually have no issues when birthing on their own, they are very hardy and disease resistant, and can adapt to climates as different as from Florida to northern Canada.

A yak cow will do well on one quarter the feed as a commercial cow, and still finish out at between 600 and 800 pounds (yak cows are smaller than commercial cows).  A yak bull will finish out at between 1300 to 1500 pounds and do it on half the feed as a commercial bull, and the flavor of the meat, which is on par with American Buffalo and Elk, is fantastic.

This is why more and more people are turning their investments to yak, they are easy keepers, multipurpose, and provide much lower investment funds meaning your profit margin can be higher.